Review: My Soul To Keep By: Kennedy Ryan

Review: My Soul To Keep By: Kennedy Ryan 

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Holy waterworks Batman! You know when a book can bring you to tears within the first few pages that this is gonna be magic! The magical kind of read that reaches inside and curls up around your heart where it can live and breathe and you know, just roundhouse kick you in the feels every now and again! 

Kai is my favorite type of romance novel heroine — she is creative and snarky and has a love and talent for music that is out of this world. So therefore, she needs a perfect compliment — Rhys. Like 2 musical notes they ebb and flow around each other from the first time she sees him playing the piano and getting lost in the music she is transfixed by him. Not just his physical looks but his talent as well! The only problem is he is insanely famous, like thousands upon thousands of women who fantasize about him, its a lot to deal with. So she makes him a deal– friends or nothing haha and because he can’t stop thinking about her Rhys agrees (up to a point anyway) 

I think the Christmas scene is probably one of my favorites in this book. Its funny, and endearing and you can really feel the moment. Its also one of the tipping points for Kai and Rhys. What follows for the rest of the book is a emotional storm! By the time you get to the end of this book you have experienced every emotion known to man and feel a little battered by all of the glorious moments of their relationship and the moments that shatter them but you know one thing for sure. . . Book 2 needs to be in your hands as soon as humanly possible haha. I enjoyed every millisecond of reading this story, the characters draw you in like a siren song and don’t let up even after you finish the last page. This is my absolute favorite of Kennedy’s books (book 2 might beat it. . . Perhaps but this one will always be the first love kind of book for me) 


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