Review: Palm South University-Season Two: Episode Three By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode 3 By: Kandi Steiner

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We pick up the story with some sisterly advice, Sky trying to make sense of her and Adam as well as dealing with the constant paparazzi presence now that her star is on the

Rise within the poker community. The girls try to help Cassie out with her problem with being called Ms. Innocent and while it was a pretty funny advice session it made me really stop and think . . . Is that really a bad thing? And how will defining someone that way might make them make choices they aren’t really comfortable just to ditch the stereotype. Its interesting to see how this part of the storyline pans out. Also people are trying to figure out what the deal is with Ashlei and Erin? Secrets have a habit of coming to light at the worst times and i’m sure these revelations will rock the group to its core. 

Cassie goes all Sandy from Grease and tells Adam like it is (Finally! At least she got her say, she is still into Grayson so a nice little love triangle angst situation is set up)  Bear and Shawna are also still hanging tough 

I think they are pretty cute together! Sky finally gets to meet her and they become almost insta besties haha and Bear thinks he’s in so much trouble attempting to keep up with those two! 

We also get some defining swoon worthy moments with Jess and Jarrett things might be looking up on that front immensely! 😉  thankfully we get a little break from the intensity of the 2 episodes before and this is still a really solid episode more cutesy instead  of intense, biting your nails and guzzling moscato like its going out of style ( okay just me on that one? Alright — cool) 


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