Review: Julia (New Amsterdam) By: Ashley Pullo

Review: Julia (New Amsterdam) By: Ashley Pullo

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I love this series and book so much! What Candace Bushnell and Sex and the City did for disenchanted 40 something women Ashley gives us the same suave big city feel for the under 30 crowd! Her characters are battling the big issues for that demographic, growing up but fighting getting  older. Succeeding in your career, and finding your HEA. 

While these are common themes for most romance novels, Ashley flips the switch and makes this story fun and exciting. Julia is a strong,and happily single woman trying to make a name for herself as a writer and somehow gets labeled the Wedding expert! (Total 27 Dresses-ish Rom Com moment here) her best friend Meredith is planning her own wedding (despite reservations that this is really what she actually wants) both are insanely funny characters and are just the right balance of quirky and normal to make things interesting. 

Julia has a ace in the hole with her next door neighbor Theo — they totally have a friends first relationship which is one of my favorite tropes and so he is over at her apartment all the time to hang out or he watches her dog Fletch while she is at work. Its only when he accompanies her to a wedding she has to do a write up on does she see him in a new light. 

The middle and end of this book are so incredibly adorable that I wanted to crawl into this book and not leave! This story draws you in to these characters lives, even the characters that are just mentioned! Instantly I wanted to know more about them, what their favorite experiences are about living in the city? Were they born there or transplanted? Etc. Its an endless landscape for the stories of different walks of life 


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