Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode Four By: Kandi Steiner

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Spring Break is finally here Sharks! And in typical PSU fashion its time for some shenanigans haha including a visit to Coyote Ugly and plenty of day drinking! But its not all fun and games in this episode, Skyler and Adam share a heart to heart, Jess comes to a few realizations while on vacation  one about Jarrett and one about Lei and Bo and I was so proud of her! Haha it may seem small but I really thought it was a moment of growth for her to just kind of let things be for them. 

The boys are also in the party mood (when are they not?

I think the main theme of this episode is discovery – not like, oh hey I found a new delish drink but that digging deep and finding out things about yourself you didn’t know were possible and growing as a person. Now, these discoveries that all the characters are going through may have good aftereffects or they may have bad aftereffects. . . But one thing I know for sure is that we will be seeing the ripples of these discoveries for the next few episodes leading up to the season finale ! And it is shaping up to be another jaw-dropping finale I just know it.