Review: Rising Storm- Midseason #1: After The Storm By: Lexi Blake

Review: Rising Storm Midseason #1- After The Storm By: Lexi Blake

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Picking up where the final episode of season one left off we are sucked right back into Storm Texas, the morning after the huge Founder’s Day celebration where some of Storm’s closely held secrets were brought out into the daylight. If you are a fan of this series like me you knew that these revelations were going to change EVERYTHING! Waking up the next morning Ginny has a new perspective on how her actions might have wider spreading effects, Luis and Marisol try to offer her some moral support but its not going to be that easy with the rest of the residents of Storm. . . Especially Logan! 

The Salts are not faring well the morning after and while Lacey tries to make peace with and comfort her mother Celeste but it almost seems to little too late and the grouchy attitude that Lacey has given her mother since Jacob passed away seems to have taken its toll on their relationship. The showdown between Celeste and Ginny was drama at its finest — definitely TV worthy! 

Dakota is facing the town in typical style after she destroys the town with her tirade– acting like she is the hottest thing on two legs and totally innocent of all wrong doing. I don’t think she is quite prepared for the backlash she has caused. Marcus is not extremely supportive of her right now either as he is staying with Brittainy and trying to help her deal with all the betrayals, even though he is completely innocent he still feels responsible because Dakota is his sister. 

The force of nature that is Marylee has swept in with her master plan for Sebastian’s political career — discussing her plan and what Payton needs to do. I know Marylee is typically rude and manipulative (and she still is in this episode!) But she describes the aftermath in such hilarious terms that I really gained a new respect for her in this episode haha.

The end of this episode really gives us some nice moments that prove that healing is possible and that Ginny is transforming into a much stronger woman than we might have originally thought she was. Its shaping up to be another amazing season and with these 2 midseason episodes getting us back into Storm, Texas where secrets smolder and smoke like good Texas BBQ! 


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