Review: Down To My Soul By: Kennedy Ryan

Review: Down To My Soul (Soul #2) By: Kennedy Ryan

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This book is a direct continuation of My Soul to Keep and that one should definitely be read first! There, now that we have that out of the way. . . If you are still reading this review then i’m gonna assume that you also have fallen in love with the magic that is Rhys and Kai. First, a question! Is everybody still heartbroken and emotional and in need of a major glass of wine and dark chocolate or is it just me? I couldn’t stop reading book one and long after I finished it I couldn’t stop thinking about these characters and book 2 is just as powerful. 

From the opening pages, a flashback to when Kai was young and her father was still around. I love how Kennedy gives us that moment because we get the bare bones of why he isn’t in her life anymore but we never seen them interact. So it makes him more real as a character, we feel how much he meant to her and why his betrayal hurt so much. There is a shadow hanging over this moment and we already know how it works out, but still seeing it first hand is tough. We then pick up with everything going on in the present day, Kai is out on tour and living her dream . . . Well mostly! Living like 2 halves of a broken soul Rhys and Kai’s seperation physically hurts (yes, I got lost in the story but I dare you to read it and not be affected personally by it!) 

Gradually the problems they face just keep on coming wave upon wave and just when you think everything is passed more secrets come to life! This book has a bit of a different feel to it than book one — which let’s face it is probably a good thing. Having 2 books that are as emotionally shaking would be too intense haha don’t get me wrong there are a lot of highly emotional parts of the story and it does get very intense, but it seems like there is resolution quicker to each of them. I really enjoyed this story it kept me intrigued and flipping pages to find out what was going to happen. While there is not a cliffhanger to the ending I do hope there will be a book 3 because I want to see more of these characters and how they interact during less stressful times haha.


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