Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode Five By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode Five By: Kandi Steiner

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This episode opens up with Family Weekend! And Baby Bear is in the house, causing all sorts of trouble for his big brother (because did you actually think that he wasn’t gonna be a chip off the old block?) The aftermath of Spring Break is still being felt and the brothers have dealt with the skeezy Alex (seriously, they definitely needed to! I knew something was off with him. . .) And the girls are trying to lay low and make sure that all shenanigans are being kept covert. . . (Oh, geez we all know how well that’s gonna work! I love these girls but trouble follows them like your carry on luggage. . . Just when you

Think its behind you all of a sudden it starts bumping into your heels and if you are wearing flip flops its brutal!) 

We see some other family members of our favorite characters, Erin’s mom for example is  an  Stepford wife I swear it! Its no surprise why Ex feels like she needs to control everything and plan every moment out really. Lei’s parents are the best! I love how they totally have their daughter’s back no matter what! And karaoke night at Ralph’s may never be the same, there are secrets brought to light . . . People are overly inebriated and tempers flare and things may never be the same. 

There were so many heartbreaking moments in this episode and it definitely feels like the entire PSU world shifted after Spring Break and things that you thought were unbreakable got dinged up and lost their shine. Can they recover or are the permanently broken? Only time and the season finale will tell! 


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