Review: Rising Storm- Midseason #2: Distant Thunder By: Larissa Ione

Review: Rising Storm – Midseason #2: Distant Thunder By: Larissa Ione

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Its now been a few days since the huge Founder’s Day shocker and in the previous episode we seen how the town was still reeling and now it seems like everybody is trying to pick up all the pieces and move on. No one more than Marylee Rush– she is all about Sebastian’s political career, she hires a spin doctor to try and destroy Dakota and Ginny’s reputation (okay so all the respect I had gained for Marylee in the previous episode is out the window!) No holds barred and to Hades with anyone who gets in her way. 

After being summoned back home by her grandmother Brittany is quite unwilling to forgive and forget and with good reason! But she is trying to keep everything together for her mother and Jeffry  despite everything that is going on. She is having some issues with trying to reconcile everything she thought she knew for sure in her life and it is beginning to take its toll. When we first saw Brittany last season she has happy, bubbly and full of life. Now she has this grey cloud following her around and Marcus is the only bright spot. She also shares a nice moment with her Momma that was one of my favorite scenes of the series so far. 

Dakota is realizing just how many bridges she burned by acting like a brat and tearing the town apart. Being evicted from her apartment really drives the point home, she is getting desperate with nowhere to turn except for moving back home  with her mother, Marcus and Mallory or finding her father. She gets an unexpected ally in that endeavor and its plain to see that season 2 is going to herald some major changes and shakeups for our residents of Storm Texas. 


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