Review: Edge of Chaos By: Molly E. Lee

Review: Edge Of Chaos By: Molly E. Lee

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This book is the perfect edgy New Adult read I was looking for. The set up is one that I haven’t read before and so immediately I was intrigued and wanting to know more. I freely admit my knowledge of storm chasing came from repeated viewings of Twister in my teenage years so getting a peek into all the ins and outs of the profession was pretty awesome to see. 

The book starts out with Blake — a incoming college freshman just trying to get things set up in a new town along with her boyfriend Justin. Their relationship is volatile at best and even though they have been together since she was 13 it seems like they are growing apart. . . Justin is a very controlling presence in Blake’s life and reading about how he threatens to harm himself if she leaves and guilt trips her into doing what he wants are difficult to read because its almost too realistic. I was constantly just screaming at Blake to just go. Fast forward 3 years and their relationship is stuck in the same place, Blake is now involved in higher meteorology classes and constantly chasing that adrenaline rush of seeing the storm. 

The one person who understands that feeling is Dash Lexington — a professional storm chaser and target of Blake’s hero worship! Imagine her surprise when she finds herself sharing a class with the man himself. Their chemistry is crazy. . . Off the charts just crackling with electricity from their very first meeting and I love how Molly makes them so intense like they are 2 forces of nature much like the systems they spend so much time studying. Seperately, they are still forces to be reckoned with. . . But together they hit F5 status quickly! They start out with this easy friendship — he’s the complete opposite of Justin and actually helps Blake realize that the relationship she has with Justin is pretty one sided– she gives up everything and never calls him on his BS just to avoid a blow up. 

They begin spending more and more time together both alone and with his group of fellow chasers who are also in Blake’s class as well. And the group dynamic is just as well written and choreographed as their personal camaraderie. The action really picks up during the middle of the book and we really see how conflicted Blake is and it all comes crashing in during the tumultuous conclusion. This story had me on the edge of my seat so many times and has become the new book on top of my must have a print copy
immediately list. Molly E. Lee is an author to watch! 


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