Review: Sticky Notes By: Drea St. James

Review: Sticky Notes By: Drea St. James

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Liv seriously has the most hilariously awkward life! From hunkering down behind a produce bin to avoid the guy she ditched a date with to having to fake a relationship with an Avengers look alike (think a certain god with flowing locks and a big hammer) things just keep piling up and one thing I gotta say is our girl Liv knows how to roll with the punches and keep going! Until she shows up at work (coolest job ever BTW!) And finds out that they are being sued by their competition, lead counsel is no other than the Thor look alike himself! *FACEPALM* 

Dax Morgan is the best lawyer for the job, he has been on high profile cases and while working on a case about bubble gum seems a little beneath him he can’t deny that he could get used to working with Liv. . . Despite feeling like he is unsatisfied in his current job he still yearns to make a difference and is pretty idealistic, but he is a solidly likable character right off the bat. 

They definitely do not have an insta love story there are some comedic bumps in the road! And what’s love without a little revenge and plotting? I loved this story, the situations were funny and fresh and yes, a little quirky which if you have followed my blog for very long you will see I am addicted to the quirky, different, unorthodox kind of stories. To me those kind are the ones that are memorable, they become a part of your life story. So something as small as a sticky note becomes uber important haha. 


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