Review: Spooked ( Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery Series) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Spooked (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery Series) By: Gina LaManna 

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A chill is in the air and shenanigans are afoot in this entry of my favorite mystery series! Lacey and crew are gearing up for the candy holiday of the year. . . Halloween! Between trying to solve the mystery of who her father is, spending time with Anthony and working on their (adorable!) New relationship Lacey is also working on a new case for Carlos and turning the Luzzi compound into the best haunted house the town has ever seen. There is so much going on in this story that its almost impossible to contain it all in just one review but i’m gonna try! 

Carlos brings Lacey in on an case of a crown gone missing — he thinks those responsible are in the Family and he dosen’t want to tip them off early so he demands that Lacey keeps this mission top secret. . . But Anthony gets wind of it and begins to help Lacey ferret out who the culprit is. During the course of the story they have several cute moments together and they have finally hit their stride (work wise!) Lacey is starting to actually have some not quite so zany plans which impressed Anthony and its been amazing to see her transition from the first couple of books when she did solve the case but it was almost by pure accident haha. She is becoming more savvy and while she still has the quirky investigation methods we have come to love she has really come into her own. 

The one thing I never thought we would see in this series happening in this book and for a while had us questioning if Meg and Lacey’s friendship would survive! (I know, I was shocked and more than a little heartbroken at the thought) but it made for a shake up that kept the story fresh and the reader on the edge of their seat. I get both of their points on the argument but seriously ladies! To attempt to get back in Meg’s good graces Lacey pulls together the most awesome group costume EVER. 

The conclusion to this story gives us one heck of an emotional moment for Lacey and Anthony, I laughed (I may have leaked a few tears) and I went aww way too many times! It just reminds me why those 2 are so great as a couple. But it also gives us some fantastic family moments and what is perhaps the most jaw dropping ending in the series to date! So many mysteries on top of mysteries but one thing is for certain. . . Lacey is going to have her hands full in the next book in the series. Gina does it again! Giving us a story that warms your heart, makes you laugh and makes you try new recipes (that should be illegal haha I can hear the diet police sirens now. . . And i’m guilty as all get out! Hey, maybe i’ll make it on the wall of infamy 😉 . . . )


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