Review: Slow and Steady By: Kendall Ryan

Review:Slow And Steady (Alphas Undone) By Kendall Ryan


What an intense read! I loved Greyson and Finley’s story, it was the perfect blend of a angsty, page turner with a deeper story of love and loss and surviving at all costs. 

Greyson thought he would just pop in to a strip club and have a drink and decompress from a horrible day at work, little does he know that decision is about to make his life a lot more complicated! He is about to head out when a new dancer takes the stage . . . He is comfronted with a stunning truth. The girl on stage is the wife of a fallen brother in arms and the kicker is that he feels responsible for her husband’s death. Finley is not your typical adult entertainer. . . She is trying to make ends meet for both her and her daughter all the while fighting to not tell off all of the creepers who think they own her for a lap dance. She is a tough cookie but incredibly fragile too! She is just trying to survive after the unthinkable happens. 

The thaw out takes a little while to happen but gradually Finley allows Greyson to come over and bring them dinner and spend time with Maple — their personal relationship is still tentatively civil on her part and he is still fighting his feelings of guilt, responsibility but he feels this pull toward her despite how much he tells himself he shouldn’t. There is a push and pull with them and it has some serious repercussions! This story has more quick twists and turns than most so you definitely have to pay close attention to what is going on haha. 

This was a pretty solid read for me, I do wish it would have been just a little bit longer because some parts seemed a little rushed, but all true bookworms know that we always want the story to be longer and never end haha so more than likely I’m just being greedy and wanting more. The epilogue is adorable and perfectly fitting for this story. Its another fantastic ready by an author that has a proven track record for writing hits! 


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