Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode Six By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode Six By: Kandi Steiner

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Its been one emotional rollercoaster of a ride in this season! And in this season finale only one thought echoes through my mind. . . Kandi must love to mix her martinis with my tears and emotions! (Good grief! I just experienced greatness within the pages of her words and I want more) 

This finale is so much more intense than the season one finale in so many ways. Yes, season one had one heck of a cliffhanger but for season two the stakes are higher on a personal/emotional level. The opening chapter with Jess and Jarrett had me sprinting for the fridge and my winesicles (Don’t judge! It was emotional dang it!) 

The  next chapter deals with Adam and while I have been kinda on the fence about him this season here in the finale there is hope for him yet. Bear gets his turn and the scene in the rain belongs in a movie, I could feel every emotion and drop of rain, that moment where you hope that the rain will bring cleansing, rebirth and a new start only to have the scene switch and then emotions change again (Hello Winesicle numero dos!) The showdown between Bear and Alex just proves why he is my favorite male character in this series. The next few chapters deal with giving us a little closure on some of the storylines from this season but the last few pages completely gut you. . . That ending of a season is so heartbreaking and filled with so many emotions that I needed a few winesicles to recovery


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