Review: New Blue (Blue Series #5) By: Jules Barnard

Review: New Blue (Blue Series #5) By: Jules Barnard 

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From the first book to this newest one Jules Barnard gives us this story where you are constantly wanting more! More books about these characters, behind the scenes info, ANYTHING! Just give us a crumb of information really haha. I have been a huge fan ever since I read Deep Blue and with New Blue we get another amazing book in this series. 

This is the story of Hayden and Adam — Hayden was the HR director at the casino when Adam started and within just a few months he is promoted. . . To what job you might ask? Yep, hospitality manage!  to say she is slightly disgruntled about the newest development is a understatement. She thinks Adam is just another pretty face in a suit (a rich boy who has gotten where he is in life by purchasing it and not putting the hard work in to earn it) he does have quite the list of connections but he is capable of putting in the work. Hayden has scraped and saved and worked numerous long hours to get where she is. He antagonizes her she drives him up the wall and well, what develops after that is another fantastic entry into the Blue series. 

I love how its not insta love for Hayden and Adam, we get all of the best snarky moments to where they are fighting their attraction to each other first and then gradually we get bits and pieces of each of their pasts and find out why they are the way they are and why they are determined to get to the bottom of some of the business practices of the casino. With the beautiful backdrop of Lake Tahoe for scenery it gives you a picture perfect setting for such an intriguing story. 


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