Review: Seasoned (A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Seasoned (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery) By: Gina LaManna

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Picking up a couple months after the jaw dropping ending of Spooked Lacey and Co. Are no closer to figuring out who Jackson Cole is and why he is interested in Anthony . . . But they do know one thing! This holiday season is going to be pretty intense for all involved! 

After a Christmas list making meeting initiated by Meg, Lacey receives a phone call from Lizabeth asking if Lacey and the gang would consider outsourcing her services to protect a important individual during a Hollywood premiere (who it is is a hilarious moment!) After hearing the compensation involved for 2 days work Lacey ropes Meg and Clay into taking the trip with her. She is pretty bummed to find out Anthony cannot join them until the day of the event and it leads to some warm fuzzy moments before she leaves (adorbs let me tell you!) Once they get to the chartered jet they realize who the jet was sent for initially! Harold! Haha I loved that plot twist, Harold has been a constant character from the beginning of the series that I wanted to know more about so I was tickled to see him outside the compound. 

Once the Hollywood adventure starts we meet another character (one that you may have seen before if you have read Gina’s other series that starts with One Little Wish) Mack Montgomery is more than just a stunt driver and Lizabeth wants him to fill in for Anthony in a professional sense if Lacey gets in to one of her trademark situations. . . It gives us a nice introduction to his character (if you haven’t picked up OLW then definitely bump it up toward the top of your TBR list because its amazing!) Meg is quite taken with Mack and there are hilarious hijinks involved with her preening around trying to catch his attention.

Trying to get settled in before her big day on the job isn’t easy for Lacey, overheard conversations thanks to a stuck Intercom button could have been totally cringe worthy but that embarrassing moment lead to a good heart to heart moment with Clay. Lacey finally got him to spill what’s going on after he got over being potentially embarrassed. She reassured him that after what she went through of everybody in the house hearing her and Anthony’s racy chat nothing could top that. It gave him the courage to own up to his own situation. Pretty cute (quirky) family bonding moment for those two. 

There are a lot of warm fuzzy moments in this story and I love the whole Christmas lead up. The scene where Lacey and Anthony are making the gingerbread house is among my absolute favorites in this series. The family feel is seen and felt throughout the book and it increases the heart warming factor. Toward the end of the story we see who is actually after Poopsie and surprise surprise the dog is not the actual target! and Lacey stumbles into another situation that she must use her unorthodox crime solving methods to escape haha. There are also some secrets revealed, Clay is finally going on a date, gunfire and yes, dodging Nora’s cooking! You know, its just a typical holiday with the Luzzi’s! I think this book has got to be my favorite of the series! 


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