Review: The Bad Ones By: Stylo Fantome

Review: The Bad Ones By: Stylo Fantome.

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I love this author to bits! She was my gateway drug for Dark Romance haha with Degredation I found a whole world of new books to read. So naturally when I heard she was working on something new I was clamoring for an ARC so I could get lost in her words for a while. With The Bad Ones we get the story of Con – star quarterback in high school but before you think he’s a Abercrombie clone consider the opening chapter haha he’s so snarky and sarcastic! And then we have Dulcie — the girl from a infamous family from the wrong side of the tracks. I love her character she is constantly fighting against the perception that she will end up like her family. Almost like she is the Bad Seed or something! The first chapter sucks you in to their story so quickly to where you are drawn right in and hooked before you finish the first paragraph! 

This book is a dark twisty journey of these 2 characters who share a pretty huge secret and are linked together in some unorthodox ways. Its gritty and some parts you may stop and go “WTF just happened!” Or “this may be too much for me to handle” but you keep reading and loving every millisecond of it. You cannot be a passive reader in this one, I was highlighting passages that I thought were brilliant every few pages haha. I am totally getting a print copy (I do this thing were I write my favorite passages on slips of paper and then lend my book out. . . I loved finding slips of paper when I checked out library books and imagining the person who had the book before me what their lives were like, what passages spoke to them? Etc. . . So I let them know what were my favorites haha ) yes, i’m kind of a book nerd wierdo haha but seriously this story and characters is different than the Kane Trilogy and the Mercenaries series. The characters are a little younger and the setting is a small town instead of huge cities and exotic locales. So it has a different feel to me that I could totally get behind. 

My absolute favorite passage that sums this book up for me is this: 


  “Is this love? What if we’re just feeding off each others darkness? What if we’re just making each other worse? 

“Maybe we’re sick,” her voice fell back into a whisper. He groaned and wrapped an arm around her waist , pulling her close so she was pressed against his chest. 

“If this is a sickness, then I don’t want a cure,” he whispered back.

 “You’re very clever for a sociopath.”

“Well, cleverness is a trademark of being one. Now shut up and go to sleep before I give your mouth something better to do.” “


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