Review: He Loves Me Not By: Tierney Fowler

Review: He Loves Me Not By: Tierney Fowler.

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I first became hooked and wanting to devour this book in the typical bookworm fashion after I read the blurb and my first thought was “okay I’m totally in!” I am constantly on the lookout for books that are a little quirky and that challenge the status quo haha one of the hazards of reading so many books a year is that you may read the exact same setup 50 times! With this one just as Tierney writes in the blurb what happens when its the cheerleader and all around golden queen of the high school gets a reality check? And the answer to that one is *insert ominous forboding music here* . . . Haha just kidding! You get a comedic tour du force that has to be read to be believed! 

Maggie has every thing going for her- more southern charm than Reese Witherspoon, a family who is well off financially, a spectacular GPA and a boyfriend who is the star of the Football team and looking at Division 1 prospects for college. She thinks life could not get any better! And then she gets the hugest reality check of her life when Bobby ends their relationship right before they are crowned Homecoming King and Queen and goes to make out with this new girl who wears a lot of black and heavier makeup (okay so basically me in high school!) 

Rightly so Maggie is crushed! I mean her and Bobby have been together since Kindergarten so its been a LONG time, after this crushing moment we get to see what Maggie is really made of! Even ladies who are out of their teen years can relate to Maggie so this story is so much more than just a teen novel haha her struggle to reinvent herself after being part of a couple for so long is both hilarious in ways and incredibly brave and touching and something I could definitely relate to myself even though i’m a little past high school age haha. 

There are many moments to where you are pleading with Maggie to just keep going and cheering her on, there are times to where you want to shake her momma because she is a little too tied up in apperances and giving Mags a diet and pushing no carb diets (there is nothing wrong with being healthy but it seems that at least at the beginning that  Maggie is under a lot of pressure to look perfect to uphold the family name) but through all these moments you stay engrossed in this story. For me it was one I couldn’t put down once I got started! It would be the perfect vacation, beach read or a excellent book club read for your group of friends. 


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