Review: Shameless By: Lex Martin

Review: Shameless By: Lex Martin

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This book junk punches you right in the feels and is unrelenting throughout the rest of the book! I adore Lex’s writing and this is my absolute favorite of hers hands down! Brady and Katherine’s story is as intense as they are and I loved every minute of it! 

They meet under pretty much the worst circumstances and this story’s underlying theme is rising from the ashes and then rebuilding. They both have difficult things they are trying to deal with in their pasts and I love how they have the shared task of helping their families out. The sense of family in this book is almost its own character and it helps blend the story together. 

The setting is simply stunning and in this story it really highlights Lex’s descriptive writing style to its perfect level, later in the acknowledgements she tells the reader her personal connection to this area and it all makes sense, she writes about the area like its an old friend. There is a passion there that she wants us to see this place and appreciate it fully. I love hearing all the little details about the farm and animals haha especially Bandit! 

Now let’s get back to Brady and Kat! Holy smoking Kindle Batman! Their chemistry is off the charts from the first

Time she gets snarky with him at the front door and I remember thinking ohhh Brady has met his match! Haha then you get all the layers of their relationship and its a push and pull for them to finally act on their feelings but once they do. . . Its hotter than a Texas summer (and for those of you who haven’t experienced one of those its HOT!) But as equally hot they are also pretty adorable together when they are just taking care of Izzy or doing the farm chores. They really seem like best friends and lovers which is nice to read about. They have this level of respect and even though Brady is an total Alpha he is never degrading or makes light of Kat’s contribution. If anything he makes it out like he could not have made it without her and that taking care of Izzy and the farm is a exercise in team work haha. Made for lots of adorable moments. 

The last few chapters before the epilogue get even more like an emotional roller coaster! I wanted to shake them, hug them, cry and commiserate with them . . .etc but with the epilogue we get sweet resolution that you can’t miss! This belongs on any top ten reads of the year list. I know it is definitely on mine. 


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