Review: Finding London By: Ellie Wade

Review: Finding London (Flawed Hearts #1) By: Ellie Wade 

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This story was one that I wasn’t quite expecting. I have loved Ellie’s other work and when I saw the cover for this one I was immediately lured in. The story that lies within these pages is one that is imperfect and flawed in all the best ways. It makes you stop and be grateful for what you do have and really appreciate the little things. 

I admit it took me a few chapters to warm up to London, I liked Loic right from the start I was rooting for him but I wasn’t convinced at first that London was going to understand him they just seemed too different for each other. After just a few chapters I was in love with this story and devoured it in one morning! Its not quite a story you hear every day and its uniqueness is what kept me enthralled. 

London is this spoiled , sorority girl just finishing up her college education when we first see her. Life has been pretty easy for her and yet she feels like something is missing. She meets Loic at a car wash and is hooked haha and fate keeps throwing them together despite his reluctance to let her in past the walls he has built haha its in her pursuit of him she really grows as a character and we see she is actually a really amazing, relatable character. 

Loic’s story is told from both his present day and chapters about his past and those bring about the most heartbreaking moments of the book. . . I know that this is sadly the truth for some in the foster situation and it breaks my heart each and everytime you hear stories like that. It is a huge part of this story and explains Loic’s personality and what makes him tick. He is this strong military man from just looking at him but there are stormy moments where he just goes into self preservation mode. 

The story takes some unanticipated twists and turns and I found myself immediately wanting book 2 so I could get the next part of London and Loic’s story. Ellie does warn you that she includes a snippet from one of her other books at the beginning so to not be alarmed if Finding London ends and there is still almost 15% of the book left haha I read that and still the end crept up on me. The situation is so intense in the last few chapters that you are too wrapped up in what is going on. . . I cannot wait to see where this next book goes! 


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