Review: Crave Me (Good Ol’ Boys #4) By: M. Robinson

Review: Crave Me (Good Ol’ Boys #4) By: M. Robinson 

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Throughout this whole series with each new book I found myself with a new favorite book in the series and with each couple M. Gives the readers more reasons to love them. The common threads that run throughout the books have been one of my favorite things about this series. We see the big moments from each perspective and then find out each couples backstory and a glimpse into the future. Its this sense of timing and blending of all the elements that have made this one of my favorite indie romance series. 

When you think that the other novels dealt with some tough issues you might want to prepare yourself for the annihilation of all your preconceived notions about this series. Crave Me deals with so many tough issues that it should come with a disclaimer that you will have moments that will break your heart but it also has these moments to where you are so upset with these characters you have to set your kindle down. It brings out these intense reactions because M. puts everything in an unflinching realistic manner. She dosen’t sugar coat the subject of addiction and how it ripples out from not only the user but those who love them. 

Austin has been one of my favorites since I started this series and once we saw him at the end of book 1 with this mysterious girl I devoured each book in the series just to know a little bit more about this mysterious couple. I liked that they seemed unorthodox and rebellious and yes a bit dangerous. You knew their story was going to be your number one book hangover of the year once it happened. Yep, I was right! I haven’t ever felt as emotionally wrung out from a story before, It was a physical ache to where I wanted a nap or a glass of wine (or both!) I wanted to hug Briggs and let her know what a beautifully strong woman she is, a lot of times I wanted to throw my Kindle at Austin’s head but yet take care of him at the same time. (Like I said, this book made me run the gamut of emotions haha) 

In typical fashion in this series the ending leaves us with our jaws on the floor and immediately wanting more (i’m a greedy wench like that!) There is never enough about these characters and this amazing series that M has drawn us into. If you are looking for an engrossing binge read that will challenge you to throw out everything you think you know about romance novels then this is the series, book, and author for you! 


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