Review: Sway (Landry Family #1) By: Adriana Locke

Review: Sway (Landry Family #1) By: Adriana Locke

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I am a total late bloomer when it comes to how amazing Adriana’s books are (I had read Sacrifice but none of the others until I subscribed to KU this past month) but once I heard the description of this book before it was released in Adriana’s reader group I was like “I need this book in my life!” 

I know we are all getting swept up in politics this year and finding it even in our escape could bother some people but I found this story refreshing, sexy and fun! Barrett is as enigmatic as one of the Kennedy’s and Allison is this strong take no prisioners heroine. I love that she once thought she was weak and had the wool pulled over her eyes once by a man and so now she is determined to be stronger for both herself and her son (Hux is absolutely adorbs!) You have to give her props for standing up for her principles and being a character that you want to stand up and cheer for and then share a glass of wine with. 

One of the strengths that I find in Adriana’s books is that even the secondary characters are just as well written as the primary focus of the book. She does not have sloppy plot points for them, every thing and everyone is important in the worlds that she creates. Just one of the many reasons I love her series’ so much. It gives you a lot to look forward to and obsess over for future books in the series. (I can already tell all of the brothers books are gonna be pretty intense but once we get to the ladies turn its gonna turn the series on its head!) 


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