Review: A Heart Of Time By: Shari J. Ryan

Review: A Heart Of Time By: Shari J. Ryan

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You guys I was scrolling FB this morning and came across a post about this book, I immediately checked it out from Kindle Unlimited and you know that moment you just know when you have found a book that you are gonna love without reading the first page yet (that little tingly, butterflies in the tummy feeling) yep got it! So I dropped everything and settled in for some quality reading time. 

Within the first few chapters we feel our hearts so full they might burst, to feeling like we got them ripped out of our chests to this incredibly beautiful story that follows. This story is so visceral that you feel every moment when the doctor calls time of death and it hurts guys! You feel this sense of loss and you stop and mourn the loss of a character that you have only known for a few pages; it is intense! The characters of Hunter and Ellie are so well written that immediately you get engrossed in where they began and how their fairy tale changes. 

Time moves forward and we see that Hunter is trying to keep things together for Olive 5 years after the loss of Ellie and its incredibly touching! We know that he is still dealing with his grief and he seems to have a great support system but still he feels the ache of grief everyday. During the entire 5 years he has been trying to get in touch with the recipient of Ellie’s heart but the organ donation organization is preventing him from finding out the identity of the person who now has Ellie’s heart in their chest. He does keep receving letters from them that do not give a lot of clues as to who it is but just how they are experiencing and appreciating life now. 

The last few chapters of this book is breathtakingly emotional but perfect. Yes, it is tragic in some ways but the happiness you feel at the end is indescribable. You just have to experience this book for yourself. 


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