Review: Wasted Words By: Staci Hart

Review: Wasted Words By: Staci Hart 

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This book resonates with me so much! I have obsessed over every single book Staci writes and from the very first peek into this book I knew that Cam was going to be my book bestie soul sister character, as a fellow sort of nerdy girl I saw a lot of myself haha (I even have a dog named Spock so to say we are both quirky would be an understatement) but as we progress through the story we find out there is so much more to Cam than first meets the eye. 

Her relationship with Tyler is hilarious, I love their back and forth banter and how opposite they are, and you just know going in that they are gonna be an amazing couple if they could just get out of the way of their own happiness. As the story goes on we see Cam get wrapped up in the words and labels of who they are and how people look at them. It leads to some dramatic tension but one that is  actually a much larger issue. Cam is dealing with anxiety issues and her constant battle of the thoughts spinning in her head was the part I related to so much. I swear for Cam’s character its like Staci watched my life for a few years and decided one day to make a book out of it. Very few authors would create such a character and then make her shine and I love that about Staci’s heroines they are so real and they have some flaws but its natural and relatable. 

Some of my favorite parts of the book are so movie perfect to where I think we need a movie for Cam and Tyler ASAP! they are so descriptive and draw you in so completely that you surface after finishing the story and just feel shell shocked at the sudden immersion of real life seeping back in. Yes, there are quite a few Austen worthy pasages that it will open up a whole new fan base to some of the classics. As this book is inspired by Emma its an excellent place to start.  

So all in all this book is going to be one of my absolute favorites of all time! Staci gives us a heartwarming read with a lot of snark, some whiskey and a couple who even though they don’t make sense on paper make perfect sense in real life. 


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