Review: Truth Of A Liar By: Cassie Graham

Review: Truth of a Liar By: Cassie Graham

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From the opening pages there is some pretty serious angst going on in this story. Lark and Whitley have been out on a few dates but then decided to just be friends (at least on her part, on his part he is plotting to get her back) and now Whitley is about to marry her quasi movie star fiance (who happens to also be Lark’s cousin!) . . . Fast forward 6 years and now things get a little more intense. 

Lark is a character that people are going to have to accept as an anti-hero right from the get go. (he does have redeeming qualities I promise!) But he is intense and in your face and could be a lot to take in haha but he is one of the most intriguing characters I have read in quite some time. 

When I went into this story I expected that Whitley was gonna be the heroine but after the fast forward we find out that the focus is gonna be on a up and coming theatre starlet that has a connection to Lark’s past and is facing some very dangerous situations. Rowan is the perfect match for Lark’s anti hero because she’s not your typical romance novel heroine haha she’s tough and a little mysterious, she’s got something about her that makes you stop and take notice of her character. Maybe its her commitment to the Human Trafficking cause (which is what leads her into danger) or maybe its her chameleon nature? Whatever side of the argument you come down on you have to admit that she is pretty intriguing! 

To me this was like Bad Romeo with a smidge of Die Hard with just a dash of the Ugly Truth haha (yes I did just get ridiculous with all the movie references but trust me when you read it you’ll be like umm. . . So she kinda has a point here) I will definitely be picking up more of  Cassie’s books in the future. 


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