Review: Evil By: Tijan

Review: Evil By: Tijan 

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This author is one of the top faves for anyone who loves indie books and with this latest release Tijan just shows us why that title is so well deserved! I have read a couple of the Fallen Crest series before I started this one so I think that’s what made it stand out to me. It still has what we fell in love with as far as Tijan’s writing style and the quality of the characters and storylines but she kicks it up a notch with this newest release! It truly has something for everyone. It has the romantic parts that we have come to expect in other books by this author but it adds some paranormal aspects and some mystery to make for a well balanced read! 

I noticed from some of the other customer reviews that people were a little creeped out by the setup but its not as weird as it may seem from the outset. The relationships are a little complicated with Shay and Kellan, not just the obvious roadblock but the he is part demon and she is part messenger, the duality of how they fit together and what is meant to be makes for an interesting dynamic. It makes you want to know more about them! Seperately as well as who they can be together and what they can accomplish. 

The constant struggle of good vs. Evil as well as the intense situations that these two face make it plain to see the yin and yang situation that everybody is neither all the way good or bad. It kind of challenged how I typically thought of heroes and villains and for this (as well as many other reasons I would definitely want to get a print copy to be able to reread) 

With so much up in the air during the whole book it leaves you constantly flipping pages to find out what happens and will there be a happily ever after. . .  I personally love the ending of the story! It gave me all the feels and left me satisfied with another great read by an amazing author! Its perfect for old fans and new ones alike! 


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