Review: Girl Tripping By: Gina LaManna

Review: Girl Tripping By: Gina LaManna

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From the first page of this book I immediately wanted to sit down and snuggle in with a cup of tea and let the story take over, this book draws you in by something I think all of us die hard bookworms dream about. . . The dream of one day taking an epic road trip with our book besties. ❤ 

This book perfectly blends Gina's strong female characters with a positive zany kind of vibe that I adored! I mean you just knew that things were not gonna go as planned haha but one thing i knew for sure was its more about the journey than hitting all of the itinerary points. The characters are entirely relatable and each has this patented Gina sparkle to them. Sure they may not be perfect but you feel like you have known these girls forever! Lena is quirky and a little bit of a spaz (but you gotta love her for that haha) Alex is this tough, take no prisoners kind of character that really comes out of her shell during the course of the book and then we have Gigi who honest to goodness is a force of nature!

Ohh my goodness, she is so warm and bubbly and hilarious you can tell she would be the life of the party no matter where she goes. With these three combined it makes for a snaughling romp of girl power! 

The cast of secondary characters are probably my favorite from all of Gina's books. I mean you have the girls, then you have Alastair (who is fabulous! I totally want a makeover by him) then along the way we meet up with Sebastian (ex book model turned photographer! Picture like Giles Marini meets Fabio haha) and Benji (Sebastian's assistant – I somehow think of him like a Oliver Hudson type. . . Kinda snarky but has that magnetism) 

The different people they meet while on this epic party bus trip like Macy Lou lend quite a bit to the experience (yes, I am saying this book is an experience! Something you need to share with all your besties or relatives) this passage sums up exactly how I feel about this book. 

"Oh yeah, you girls are crazy," Alex said, sitting back in her seat. With a wink, she crossed her arms. "You're just the same kinda crazy as I am." 

"I like crazy," Gigi said. "More interesting stories to tell." 

Life is all about the experience, not that you have done everything right or colored inside the lines. Mistakes and mishaps happen and those are the things you remember and treasure. The little moments, hilarious or heartbreaking. Just experience it! Hang out with your friends and loved ones, do zany stuff, drink some wine or you know what ever is preloaded in Alex's camelbak 😉 . . . (I totally need one of those from time to time!) 


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