Review: Steal My Breath By: Nina Levine

Review: Steal My Breath By: Nina Levine

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I have been a huge fan of Nina’s writing and when I heard that she was branching out from the MC world I was immediately counting down the days until I could get my hands on a copy. I was not disappointed! This book has the twists and turns and real life complications that we have come to expect with a Nina Levine book but also a lot of heart and humor and fun moments! 

Callie and Luke are one of my favorite couples this year. They are smart and amazing together. Plenty of alpha male goodness but not overly overbearing, he’s a man’s man for lack of a better term haha and Callie is strong but can allow him to take care of her. They are a perfect blend of strength and compromise. Each had a rough childhood (not quite that they dealt with abuse or anything just parents who were not involved) but those times make them learn and appreciate what they have now. 

I love the secondary characters in this story so much and Nina leaves us with these fully formed interesting characters we want to know more about! I’d love a book about Avery or Paris or Tyler. And yes more Callie and Luke! Haha not that i’m a greedy reader or anything but I NEED MORE! this book was refreshing and perfect for us die hard Nina fans and new readers who aren’t in to the MC genre. 


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