Review: Dylan (Bachelors of the Ridge) By: Karla Sorensen

Review: Dylan (Bachelors of The Ridge #1) By: Karla Sorensen 

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From the minute I read the first few pages of Karla’s debut novel I knew that she was gonna be one of my go to authors (You know the ones. . . You have a bad day? Read a few pages of one of their books and it all melts away, you hear they have a new book coming out and all of a sudden your brain is spinning with all the possibilities haha. Yep, those kind of authors are as rare as diamonds and Karla is among the best!) 

This book is a spin off of Karla’s previous series Three Little Words and features Casey’s brother Dylan. . . I love books that feature characters we have already met but change the game and move out of the setting from the previous series (not that I don’t LOVE the setting with Casey, and Tate and their amazing family) but this shift makes it new and exciting. Dylan has always been a character I wanted to see more of and I am so stoked that he is the star of his own book. The move to Colorado is something I have toyed with in my own life so I could relate to his need for a change. 

The first meeting between Kat and Dylan sizzles with electricity and we start to see chapters from her POV about five chapters in and I love how Karla blends them together it is a seamless way to tell a story like this. Kat’s character is adorable and anytime you see her in the book she just draws you in and makes you smile. Another heroine from Karla that you want to hang out with and be besties! All of the ladies that Karla writes are these free spirited, amazingly strong and complex characters that no matter what life throws at them they keep going and deal with it in style (usually rocking some amazing shoes 😉 . . . ) 

This story has become my favorite of Karla’s books and is the best example of a successful spin off series I have seen in quite some time. She blends the characters we love with new locations and characters to keep us clamoring for more! Haha I cannot wait for the next book in this series to be released. 


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