Review: A Field Guide To Catching Crickets By: A. Wilding Wells

Review: A Field Guide To Catching Crickets By: A. Wilding Wells

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The very first chapter draws you in to this story that is flush with the warm fuzzies of new love and that first soul crushing heartbreak! The imagery that is prevalent throughout this book is truly stunning and even though Hawke wants to be a film maker one thing is clear he needs A. Wilding Wells as his screenwriter! I could vividly picture every moment of Hawke and Cricket’s teenage goodbye and it definitely affected me! I love the small town country feel of this book as it was how I grew up so its immediately relatable. 

We fast forward ten years after Hawke and Cricket say goodbye and find that he is the last of the group of friends called the Brohicans (how adorbs is that?!) To not be married. . .  He is told that Sloan (Cricket) is coming home and with that news his world will never be the same again! We find out that Hawke has a rather unorthodox career haha and is sure that his job is going to be a bit of a roadblock (the scene where he first finds out she is coming back is so hilarious that you can’t help but fall in love with these characters) 

Sloan comes home changed and carrying a few secrets but one thing has never changed the pull of her love for Hawke. Its like gravity and electric you just cannot deny it. But the secrets and how they have each changed in the ten years could possibly tear them apart! The journey of rediscovering each other is a major part of this book but its blended with enough heart and humor to make it a read you cannot put down. 

Everything begins to escalate about midway through the book when Hawke learns part of Sloan’s heartbreaking secret and it takes him a while to learn the whole truth but when it all comes out it leads to one jaw dropping reveal! This is a wildly different kind of love story and one that I found myself in love with way before I finished the book (I just kept finding new reasons to love it) this was my first book by this author but one that will definitely be added to my must buy all of her books (eBooks as well as print copies because yes I am that obsessed to need both!) 


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