Review: I Do Believe In Faeries By: Erin Hayes

Review: I Do Believe In Faeries By: Erin Hayes

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This book is Abby’s story, we first met her in I’d Rather Be A Witch which is her sister Jordyn’s book  Abby is trying to figure out exactly where she fits in with her family of powerful witches but it seems like she got passed over on the witchy charms. . . 

I loved Abby’s personality when we met her in the previous book and I wanted to find out more about the oddball in the family of witches. She’s got some things to handle (like finding the perfect prom dress and shoes or obsessing over the latest One Direction song and oh yeah! Going to a mystical land to make something right) She has an epic first meeting with Robin Goodfellow A.K.A Puck (sound familiar? Yep, that Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream! My theatre nerd heart skipped a beat there)  and learns the witches are not the only ones to wield Magick. 

Abby has to make a sacrifice for her wish and in typical teenage fashion she pushes aside Puck’s warning not to make the wish and after she learns what the sacrifice is she is horrified! (That was a tough section of the book to read! And let’s be honest the Pixies kind of creep me out a smidge) but this is the catalyst for quite the adventure! Abby definitely learns a lot about herself while she is trying to rescue an innocent baby with Robin’s help. Their banter is pretty hilarious and made me laugh out loud many times. 

Even though this story is only novella length Erin packs a whole novel’s worth of adventure within these pages. . . I love that about this series, you can’t put them down once you start them and they are always full of fantasy and romance and suspense. One of the best magical series out there! 


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