Review: Sweet Sunshine By: Jessica Prince

Review: Sweet Sunshine By: Jessica Prince

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Chloe and Derrick’s story is one of those adorable schmexy kind of books that you want to climb into and just bask in the feels for a while. Chloe and her bestie Harlow definitely remind me of my best friend and I haha and I love how down to earth and hilarious those two are with each other its no holds barred and Harlow definitely tries to get Chloe to see that she’s a catch everytime Chloe says that Derrick is not in her league. Its this push that finally makes her see that maybe. . . Just maybe she should take a chance. . . 

The first approach was a swing and a miss in a horrible fashion but then when he visits her bakery with his daughter the spark kindles and begins the slow burn! I love how Chloe can relate to Eliza and that Derrick sees that and appreciates her ability to relate with his daughter because let’s face it sometimes daddies are absolutely clueless when dealing with their daughters haha. 

Their road to romance has a few bumps along the way but despite these mishaps haha it is still an adorable story of life in a small town, best friends who are like family, and taking a chance on love (even if you are feeling a little gun shy) that makes for one beautiful life and read. This was my first Jessica Prince novel and I know it won’t be my last, I already can’t wait for the next book in this series. 


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