Review: Witchy Sour (Magic In Mixology #2) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Witchy Sour (Magic In Mixology #2) By: Gina LaManna

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Welcome back to the Isle everyone! This book picks up where Hex On The Beach left off, to recap Lilly is the new mixologist on the Isle (a magical island where certain members of her family live) and after solving the mystery of what happened to the person who previously held the job (and a lot of magical shenanigans along the way) Lilly finally thinks things are calming down! Boom. . . Her spell book goes missing (a mixologist minus a magical cook book of sorts . . . How bad could it be? . . Psh) the mystery deepens in Witchy Sour. 

The book starts off with some hilarious banter between Lilly and Ranger X and while he was kind of standoffish in the first book in this one we see a different side of him, he’s acting like your typical guy looking to impress the lady he’s trying to date (its awkward and sweet and it definitely gave me the warm fuzzies!) 

All of our favorite characters from Hex On The Beach are back in Witchy Sour and some are dealing with some problems (Zin is going for her dream of joining the Rangers and I definitely love her girl power personality and her tough take no prisoners attitude. . . Poppy is having some issues with blood and trust me when I say a vampire having blood issues is pretty intense!) 

There is also a new visitor to the island that puts Lilly straight into goo goo eyes territory! Liam is a wizard visiting the island and there is an air of mystery surrounding him that it may pay to dig into. Add to that her complicated feelings for Ranger X and Lilly definitely has her hands full of mystery and angst! 

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Lilly finds Hattie and Zin deep in a training session. . . Lots of giggles and life lessons in that little scene that make you stop and appreciate Gina’s writing style (really only she can pull off writing a scene that blends those 2 things together so well!) Lessons are taught so much easier if you can get a laugh with them too and that is one of the strengths of each of Gina’s books. 

About midway through the mysteries seem to be headed to a boiling point and with some new information about Gus make Lilly question who she should really trust. Everything comes to one heck of a conclusion that leaves you immediately wanting to go back and begin your reread of the series again just so you don’t have to leave the Isle yet! This is another jam packed cozy mystery from an author who has complete mastery of the genre! 


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