Review: All The Rage By: T.M. Frazier

Review: All The Rage By: T.M. Frazier

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From the first time we met her I knew that Rage needed her own book! That time has come (why let the boys have all the fun am I right?) She has this intense mystery surrounding her and this personality that draws you in and makes you immediately want to know more. In All The Rage T.M. does not disappoint! The first chapter when we see Rage as a little girl is an eye opener! And the story builds from there in leaps and bound. Not that a lot of parts are skipped over its just this seamless transition that fully encompasses the force of nature that is Rage and the people in her life. 

As we see in the first chapter Rage has these anger issues that makes her not connect with people in emotional ways and while her parents have tried to get her help all it seems to doctors do is add to her complex. . . Then her and her best friend hit upon an idea . . . Fake it until you make it. And that’s when she begins to build all the layers to her personality that make her so successful at what she does. 

The rest of the story focuses on Rage as she is now and how she feels sometimes confined by that personality but struggles to want to change it and allow herself to feel. She is one of the most intense female characters I have ever had the pleasure to read and while a lot of the reviews purely focus on her brutality you just have to look deeper because there is so much more beyond the surface and T.M. Frazier shows us that people are more than just the sum of their life experiences. This was another gritty page turner for me as well as one memorable ride of thrills and chills and all that lies in between. 


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