Review: Into the Tomorrows (Bleeding Hearts #1) By: Whitney Barbetti

Review: Into The Tomorrows (Bleeding Hearts #1) By: Whitney Barbetti 

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Holy Guacamole! Whitney Barbetti is back in a major way! Yes, this book may have taken 18 months to get into our hands but every millisecond of that time was worth it! This book takes off like a freight train from the very first page and does not let you off the rollercoaster ride of a read until the jaw dropping conclusion. 

Like the wind whipping through the trees, making the branches bend to its will. . . The reader is at Whitney’s mercy to take us on an unbelievable journey with these characters. All of these characters have something they are running from, or not being truthful about. And you are constantly being kept on the edge of your seat! Some situations you could kind of tell were coming up (there were moments like harbringers of something serious is about to happen!) But toward the ending we are lured into a false sense of security haha and then the ending is just the entire world crumbling down and I experienced all of those emotions that Trista was as she was experiencing them. It was like wave upon wave of the feels and I was just bobbing around holding on to my Kindle for dear life. 

I’m not going to go into describing each character because I believe that this book needs to be experienced as you read it . . . Not experienced from skimming a review. I beg you to pick it up and be prepared for a level of amazing because it truly is! The second book in this series is going to be a game changer along with this one and leave us talking about  how Whitney made us want to go on a pilgrimage to Yellowstone (and that’s saying something because I haven’t set foot in a campground for 26 years haha) for many years to come! 


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