Review: Weightless By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Weightless By: Kandi Steiner

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From the opening pages (really like page one!) This story sucks you in! it begins a little mysteriously, which left me thinking how did we get to this point? And then in chapter one my heart begins to break for Natalie (you just want to tell her that boys in high school are not the best. . . Some are downright mean!) But the journey that she begins in these first few pages is powerful, It is as powerful as Harper Sloan’s Perfectly Imperfect and i hope this book brings about this massive social media campaign like that book did. It was amazing to see all of these women empowering each other instead of tearing each other down. 

Natalie’s transition is as much internal as external and you see her begin to take pride in herself. It is really this change that leads her to Rhodes and together their story is a series of events that make them empower each other. (Sure he’s cranky and snarky sometimes but we learn why he is the way he is and that story is so heartbreaking that you are rooting for both of them to just realize that they are so much more than what people think they are) The story begins to build and I realize that Kandi is so talented at giving us these suspenseful thrills and twists and turns that I was on the edge of my seat with a tumbler of whiskey flipping pages on my Kindle until the last heartstopping few pages. How everything is explained was a twist I did not see coming at all! 

This story has a weight and grit to it and just shows another layer of Kandi’s talent as a writer (before this she was my sunshiny go to author. . . But now she’s rocking this gritty, mystery kind of romantic suspense vibe that i’m really digging too) I love it when an author can keep you on your toes and just constantly evolving in their craft. Definitely makes you believe that you will be hearing the name Kandi Steiner for many, many years in the future (in many different genres haha) 

While this is a story about two people and how weight is perceived not just literally but metaphorically you come across this quote that is probably one of the best pieces of advice I have heard in quite some time (and one I wish someone would have told me ten years ago!) 

     “I was beginning to realize it takes a special heart — one stronger than our own — loving us for us to realize that maybe there’s something there worth loving, after all. Maybe it was about finding love in the one person who loved you before you had the chance to love yourself.” 

With that one passage it totally sums up the thing worth fighting for and appreciating in who ever you find it in (yourself, significant other, family, friends, even a pet haha) just embrace that love! We are all worthy of that kind of love. . . Even if we don’t recognize that sometimes. Become the light you want to see in the world and embrace love and not hate. 


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