Review: To See You By: Rachel Blaufeld

Review: To See You By: Rachel Blaufeld 

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I fell in love with Rachel’s writing style when I picked up Dolce a few months ago. . . The unique characters and storylines are just one of the many reasons I eagerly anticipate each new release from Rachel. In To See You we get another unforgettable page turner! 

We may have seen this setup before . . . Strangers meet on an airplane and so begins an epic love story. . . Right? Heard it a hundred times but here is where Rachel flips the switch and gives us these amazingly real and relatable characters and their story definitely has some bumps in the road and moments of indecision (should I? Shouldn’t I? . . . What does this mean?) And it made me stop and go “hey I have had these same feelings” Charli and Layton are these forces of nature he’s so laid back and she is so driven and has everything planned out they make for the perfect yin and yang. 

Their road to romance is definitely filled with some OMG moments! And with some hilarious moments as well. Janie (Charli’s best friend) reminds me of a Samantha from Sex and The City kind of character hilarious and so comfortable in her own skin that you are either gonna love her or hate her right off the bat. All of this comes together in the ending with an adorable moment making this one of my favorite reads of the year. 


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