Review: Broken Love By: Jillian Dodd

Review: Broken Love By: Jillian Dodd

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This is such an adorable story! Lots of steam and angst and a story of love lost and recovered to be stronger than before. With Palmer and Cade nothing is as simple as it seems haha but their story is one of those that bring you right in! There is some family conflict involved in their backstory and it definitely plays a part in this story. See Palmer’s brother used to be best friends with Cade until Cade broke bro code and ended up falling in love with his best buds sister. . . (We all know that’s gonna create some tension!) And it lead up to one epic blow out at a bar. 

Fast forward six years and throw our two love birds into a situation straight from a rom-com  Cade’s brother is getting married and Palmer is on the guest list. Fate keeps throwing them together and you can feel the tension crackling between each of them. I love how Jillian puts those little details in each of the POV’s that clue the reader in that they are so connected they positively electrify the story. 

I love the comedic moments in this book, the scene in the bathroom at the wedding with Palmer and Tory haha it was one of my favorite comedic moments ever! It was just these women some who knew each other some who had never met before but it was this moment of bonding over a common ground. The writing here (and throughout the book in my opinion) really showcases Jillian’s talent in writing dialogue it just flows so well and its relatable. Its not one of those moments where the dialogue is so off to where it pulls you out of the story because you are constantly going “Do people really talk like that?” Or even better “do I talk like that, and come off like an idiot like this scene is going?” 

All in all I really enjoyed this book! This was only my second book by Jillian but now I’m hooked and needing more haha. Nothing like finding a new author that you absolutely love and binge reading their backlist. 


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