Review: Filthy English By: Ilsa Madden-Mills

Review: Filthy English By: Ilsa Madden Mills 

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Never has a case of mistaken identity been so fun! Haha I love each of the books in this series so much, they are pure escapism with a pinch of classic literature! Adding another amazing title to the modern romance novels with a classic story inspiration Ilsa gives us another unforgettable read! 

Remi has what I’d like to call the what else can life possibly throw at me situation right now and is trying to move on. . . She thinks boom! Rebound time. . . What better place to find one of those but a masquerade? Its purely anonymous right? No harm, no foul. . . . Or is it? Haha enter Dax — a blast from the past that she thought she had put behind her. But sometimes fate decides to junk punch us in the lady business to get us to take a second chance on love. I adore a good second chance romance so this book was right up my alley! 

Added to that the writing style that Ilsa has is one of my favorites. . . Her characters are always an equal mix of complex, relatable, intense with this lightning quick banter that keeps you hooked from the opening pages. Her attention to detail also leaves us with this crystal clear picture of this club, and other moments throughout the story that you feel like you are right there. 

There is something that Dax dosen’t know though and that will rock his world. And I love moments like that in a book where something happens and it changes everything. Like the character is a snow globe and they seem compliant and all of a sudden they get shaken and then the chips fall where they may and for Remi and Dax its a huge moment its the catalyst for change. I loved the angst factor in this story as well. I totally binge read this book in one morning while mainlining coffee haha its was angst, beauty at times chaos but truly beautiful all at the same time! I can’t wait for another story from this author! 


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