Review: Juniper Smoke By: Sadia Ash

Review: Juniper Smoke By: Sadia Ash 

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I first saw this cover as I was scrolling Facebook and I immediately thought “that’s a wicked cool looking cover! I must get my hands on this book. . . So I waited (not so patiently! I might add haha) until release day and popped over to Amazon and one clicked. . . Little did I know I was gonna get sucked in to this amazing story! (I regret nothing!) 

From the first page the story is off and running and I loved that there was no superfluous lead in and information it was just boom! Dropped into the story and that mystery and tension of not knowing all the facts from the get go lends a fast paced quest for information quality to the story which is smart, and edgy and relatable. These characters are so life like and like people you have known for years that it makes for a engrossing read. 

Kyle and Juniper have this witty banter thing down! Haha I love how quick and rapid fire their initial exchange is when he is trying to come to her rescue off of the platform she was stuck on. I totally related to her right then because I am also extremely afraid of heights haha. So yep I probably would have been hugging the ladder petrified to climb the rest of the way down. She makes a snap judgement about him at the beginning and it does come back to bite her in just a few pages but it gives us some comedic inner monologues haha. 

About 17% in we get the first twist in this story and let me tell you its a doozy! We kinda got hints about it earlier in the book but to have the situation all laid out there it leaves you reeling (much like Juniper in that moment) you’ve become used to the typical romance novel formula and when this shift happens its like WHOA! (Just wait because there are more twists and turns to follow throughout this story) 

Kyle and Juniper’s story is not an easy one, for each one of them their past experiences shape who they are when they begin their relationship. . . And the conflicts begin to build up. There is so much healing and compromise and these characters are unlike any I have read before. The closest I could get would be Christian and Ana but more complex! Its a smarter storyline and pacing than Fifty Shades and minus all of the gratuitous schmexy times! With this book there are plenty of hot intense scenes but its not blatant about them. A lot is left to the imagination which I loved (and hotter in my opinion!) 

This is a massive story and one that you cannot put down once you finish (I blew through the first half and tried to pace myself with the second half. . . By reading on my phone haha once the battery died I had to stop! Helped me savor the last half and spend more time with these characters because I did not want to let them go) for a debut novel it is truly stunning! Sadia’s level of talent is tops of the romance game right now. 


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