Review: Finding Home (A Club Dark Novel) By: Reagan Hollow

Review: Finding Home (Club Dark #1) By: Reagan Hollow

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Lacey has experienced one tragedy and life shake up after another and is still trying to persevere through everything. After being betrayed by her fiance and best friend she decides that a change of scenery is what she needs. So she finds a listing by a woman looking for a roommate. Lacey contacts her and arranges to move in. (She didn’t do a lot of checking into the situation, which is kinda scary haha but that kind of sets up the story) 

Amber (Lacey’s roommate) is employed at this very hush hush gentleman’s club which from the outside observer looks like many others but it has a darker side. While still settling in Amber invites Lacey to tag along one night while she is working and then the next thing Lacey knows is she is waking up and feels a little disoriented. Experiencing every woman’s nightmare she has been dosed while in the club. Luckily she has a guardian angel in the form of Cory who vows to figure out who is trying to harm her at all costs. 

The story takes a darker turn when Lacey sees a face she recognizes on the security footage. That was one jaw dropping reveal and the surprises don’t stop there! The rest of the novel is one shocking twist after another. Along the way Lacey begins to rebuild herself and discovers the knowledge that she is stronger than she realizes. Her relationship with Cory blossoms and it balances out the darker moments nicely. 

Everything comes into focus in the last couple of chapters but the story does end with a pretty big cliffhanger so hopefully we get the continuation of this story soon! All in all I thought this was a pretty solid debut novel. I will definitely be one clicking the next one.  


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