Review: Gilt: By Invitation Only (Gilt #1) By: Geneva Lee

Review: GILT: By Invitation Only By: Geneva Lee

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I have had books by Geneva on my TBR list forever! Haha but when I saw the cover of this one and read the blurb I was all in, rearranged my list to bump this one to the top before the second book released. I am so glad I did! Its one of those books that could become the next great angsty summer TV show! There is drama, a lot of mystery, an elitist group of kids who have money and privilege and think that they rule the world,  a down to earth heroine who is going through so much but still manages to slap a smile on her face and carry on! Not since Gossip Girl has prep school been so schmexy 😉 

Emma is trying to move on from the tragic death of her sister, keep things going at home with an alcoholic father and navigate the world of Belle Mere Prep. Not an easy task by any means let me tell you. With her bestie Josie at her side they head out into the glittering heart of Las Vegas and begin a journey that will end up changing them both. Geneva blends all of my favorite elements (Awesome locations, secrets, angst, romance, girl power and snark) that you never want to put this book down. 

A long held family feud between Emma’s father and Belle Mere’s resident mean girl queen’s father gives us the set up for a pretty dramatic conflict (that’s putting it mildly!) But after being told to leave the massive end of year party thrown by Monroe, Emma wanders around the penthouse and meets a mysterious stranger and they share a moment. . . Lo and behold the next morning a murder mystery is front page news after a discovery of a body in the penthouse and Emma’s mystery man is the prime suspect! 

With all of the suspense of books like Pretty Little Liars and the elitist world of the uber rich like Gossip Girl this series is flawless! It leaves you flipping pages and wanting to unwrap the mystery! I love this series so much! Its one of my can’t miss reads of the summer and one that is on my desperately need a print copy because I know I will be rereading this series so much! Its that good! 


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