Review: Burn (Duplicity Duet #2) By: Elisabeth Grace

Review: Burn (Duplicity Duet #2) By: Elisabeth Grace

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It is at this time that I am extremely glad I saved Hook to read until Burn came out because that cliffhanger y’all! Good grief, it was intense and my adrenalin was pumping and then all of a sudden the ground was snatched out from under me and then the book was over! And i’m all “WTF! did that actually happen?!” I got to my copy of Burn in record time let me tell you and immediately dug in and continued the unorthodox love story that is Emily and Marco. 

The story picks up immediately from where we left off in Hook and we see the events from Marco’s POV and this was a powerful way to begin the story, it was a different POV than we had seen in Hook so I loved that Elizabeth didn’t take the easy way out and just copy and paste the same scene that we had read previously, she gave us something new and it was brilliant! I loved this passage because it really sets up the story for us. 

 “Someone was going to pay. The metamorphosis from man to monster occurred in that precise moment. Something inside me unfurled, and the more hate I fed it, the stronger it became. The beast was growing, feeding off the despair raging through my blood, and I welcomed it. I would need that part of myself I always suspected existed somewhere deep down inside of me. A part I’d been able to keep at bay until now. I would need the beast to bring retribution to Emily’s doorstep.” 

His conflict has always been a fight between the good and evil parts of his personality and this moment breaks him and then all bets are off for vengeance will be his! His and Emily’s relationship has taken a dark turn and for a while I was afraid for them (she’s angry, understandably so!) But they are both fighting for the same cause to bring Vito and his men to justice. I loved how we got chapters from Marco and Emily’s POV, it heightened the drama so much and made the story flow a lot better since there are much darker elements in this book versus the first. 

Gradually in the course of the story the mystery begins to unravel and after it is solved then Marco and Emily have to begin to repair their relationship. . . Its a tough road after what happened and even though Marco promised to be truthful from here on out I could see why Emily was hesitant to just jump right back in to their relationship. Toward the end of the story we find out that the explosive reveals are not finished yet! And this one is a doozy! 

While this story does have a little less urgency and tension than the first its still a solid story and wraps things up nicely. There are no loose ends or questions that I wish were answered. Its all wrapped up in a pretty little bow. 


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