Review: Two Little Lies By: Gina LaManna

Review: Two Little Lies By: Gina LaManna

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Just when you think Scarlett and Mack can slide right into the couplehood and maybe not be swept up in the drama everything gets stirred up in our favorite small town and once again the people of Luck have to wade through the mystery! The trial of Mack’s father is about to get started as we open the story and things are set to proceed and then one stormy afternoon changes the outlook on the trial and once again Scarlett and Mack are on the case to solve the mystery and bring his father to justice. 

I love the early scenes of Scarlett and Mack together despite all of the turmoil he goes the extra mile to give them their own little slice of paradise and I think its such an adorable start to the book. Love is in the air for Noelle as well! Nothing better than when both besties are in love and things are all sunshine and sprinkles. But in true Gina fashion haha things are gonna esclate and the mystery deepens. . . 

As Scarlett is trying to outrun the reporters Chet comes to ask for her help, he’s worried about Noelle! (Not that she has enough on her plate but let’s throw in some your bestie may be hiding something too. . . ) but once the alert is sounded Scarlett is determined to get some answers on both fronts! Then when Noelle shows back up in town unexpectedly and with huge news once again Scarlett has her other partner in sleuthing back for this developing situation. 

After Scarlett makes a deal with the devil (Mack’s father)  in exchange for some monetary assistance in paying a ransom demand the drama gets ratcheted up a little and my heart was breaking into a million little pieces for her! 

A new character in the book is Bartholomew who I adore the first time we meet him! He is fantabulous! And turns out he is familiar with Mack back when he was working for Miss Lizabeth Harriet Morgan III in Hollywood. (Mack’s past associations just keep popping up huh?!) But if you haven’t gotten that far in Gina’s Lacey Luzzi series and met him before then this first appearance is gonna rock your socks off! 

The closer it gets to the end of the book the secrets are getting revealed right and left and in my opinion this is one of the most intense last few chapters (or like from 72% on haha) of all of Gina’s books! I was biting my fingernails, frantically chugging coffee and squealing in delight and hoping that everything would sort itself out haha. The ending is one that is unforgettable in all the best ways possible (Can the Hallmark channel please get on turning Gina’s books into movies please?!) Because if there are two things i’m addicted to are the Hallmark Movie Channel and Gina LaManna books haha. This was another excellent read!


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