Review: One Size Fits All: Romantic Comedy Anthology

Review: One Size Fits All: Romantic Comedy Anthology

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I adore a good Rom-com! And anthologies haha I mean what’s not to love? You get all the feels, a good giggle and find some new to you authors to add to your automatic one click list. This set includes some of the biggest names in Indie Romance and some up and coming new talent and its for a great cause! Its a win win! 

With so many stories in this set i’m just gonna give you a general overview here. There are situations to where you wanna cringe while laughing, you’ll want to hug the heroine or pour her a glass of wine (or both depending on the story ;)!) From the minute you begin the first page its like sunshine and rainbows and hopping unicorns are spouting glitter all over you. I laughed so hard at some of these stories to where my fiance was giving me questioning looks like he might have to commit me and become a single parent to our herd of fuzzy children. (He was pretty scared y’all let me tell you!) But there were also moments that were just this beautiful love story too. 

I love that each of the stories were just the right length, sometimes in anthologies if it includes new stories and not already published books they seem a little rushed or not quite as polished as some of their other work. But this set does not have that problem at all! This is these authors putting their best foot forward. . . The pacing is excellent, character development is on point and the storylines have a definite beginning, middle and end and they don’t leave you hanging. Just goes to show you why they are the best in the game! 


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