Review: Professed By: Nicola Rendell

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This book was totally out of my wheelhouse, I have tried to read other student teacher romance novels and haven’t been able to finish one. it was too strange, and made me a little uncomfortable but I kept seeing this one on different blogs I follow and thought okay, well i’ll give this one a try! 

it was different but in the best way possible. I loved the writing style and how Ben and Naomi’s relationship made them connect not only on a physical level but on a cerebral level as well. they were connected at a soul level and while it was pretty steamy it was never gratuitous. 

this was just how their love story went. it was about two people who met and fell in love, not a student/teacher taboo kind of thing. it never felt like he was abusing his position or that she felt pressured into it. they were equals. 

I was immediately sucked into the story and was shocked when I finished it. I was glad I took another chance on a subgenre that I typically avoid and it just goes to show you that one author can change your perception! I will definitely be picking up another book by this author (hopefully soon!)