Review: Matchmaker’s Replacement (Wingman Inc #2) By: Rachel Van Dyken

Review: Matchmaker’s Replacement (Wingman Inc #2) By: Rachel Van Dyken

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“Why did all the good-looking ones always have to possess evil powers?”

 This quote perfectly sums up Gabi and Lex’s relationship at the beginning of the story and a quote that most women have said (or at least pondered!) At some point in their dating life. The second book in the Wingman Inc series does not disappoint! Lex is this intensely smart brooding presence and Gabi is a fiery force of nature and their bickering has kicked into high gear when Gabi begins working as a Wingman but before she takes on her first client she has to survive Lex’s training regime! 

I have always said the bickering in a romance novel is my favorite part and no one better showcases the fun and snappy dialogue better than Rachel Van Dyken with Lex and Gabi! I found myself laughing so many times as I fell in love with their quite unorthodox relationship haha it was funny and smart and appealed to me on so many levels. The Kindle in Motion feature was really fun it was a added bonus to the story that I really enjoyed. 

As their relationship progresses both characters grow so much that you are super proud of them both once they get out of each other’s way and make an effort to open up. And there were so many swoon worthy moments that it makes you believe in the fact that a leopard can change its spots. I cannot wait until they make this series into a movie and I hope we get many more books in this series. I’d like to see more of Ian’s sister and Gabi’s family and of course some more hilarious moments with Gabi and Lex and Blake and Ian. Becuase these characters are my absolute favorite in the history of Rom-Com novels. 


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