Review: Refrain (Soul #3) By: Kennedy Ryan

Review: Refrain (Soul Series #3) By: Kennedy Ryan

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After reaching the end of My Soul To Keep I knew I wanted more Rhys and Kai and so I was clamoring for more in the reader group and thankfully I was not the only one! Haha Kennedy heard us loud and clear and gave us the best gift an author can give her readers another book in a beloved series and more time with characters that have captured us heart and soul. 

Things are moving right along for our favorite superstar couple and I loved seeing the next step in the relationship, we also got to see more Grip and Bristol and got a little taste of what’s to come in their book (which I cannot wait for!) Rhys’s record company is making huge strides and while its keeping him busy it all boils down to a showcase in Vegas and during those chapters it gets INTENSE! good grief I mean these were some of the most beautiful, adrenaline soaked, teary chapters I have ever read from Kennedy, she was able to bring a new level of tension that was always looming but it was a tangible thing, like I could feel it and could even feel my flight or fight response kicking in. But it went beautiful moment. . . . Fight or flight. . . Beautiful moment so there is that. 

This story did do an excellent job kind of tying everything up that I wanted to see have a little more resolution and by no means do I hope this is the last time we visit these characters but it feels like it is more complete and caught up to the present. I love this series so much and thought this was another breathtakingly emotional story that will leave you a little teary and sighing on the last page. 


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