Review: El Diablo (A Good Ol’ Boys Spin Off Novel) By: M. Robinson

Review: El Diablo By: M. Robinson 

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Its here! Its here! I have been wanting to know about this character since I read Crave Me and trust me M. Does not disappoint! Its raw and gritty and yes, he’s definitely not the character you would typically root for, but Martinez is definitely more complicated than meets the eye. 

This story goes back to when Martinez was a teenager and we see his transition from when he was just the son of a feared Colombian Crime Boss to when he takes up the family business. The losses he experiences definitely shape who he becomes and we see his relationship with Amari (His sister and who we see in Crave Me in flashbacks as Daisy’s mother) and his world begins to unravel and he fights against what he is supposed to be and what he knows is right. 

His empire grows and we see him lose more and more of who he is and becomes the mini me of his father, spoken about only in hushed tones, because speak of the devil and he does appear. One night like a bolt of lightning though he encounters a girl who is about to turn his world upside down and stand up to his domineering personality.  And the sparks begin to fly! But can she tame the cruelty that forces him to rule his business with an iron fist. 

This book brought so much more depth and understanding to a very complex character and maybe helps people to see that sometimes the Villian isn’t actually how we perceive them to be but just what their circumstances force them to be. 


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