Review: The Collectors’ Society By: Heather Lyons

Review: The Collectors’ Society – By: Heather Lyons 

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This series has been on my TBR list for a while now and I have finally been able to indulge my obsession to binge read haha (I highly recommend these for a binge read! Becuase the story sucks you in immediately) we pick up the story with Alice — after her adventures in Wonderland she is being held under observation in an asylum for evaluation and trying to keep her safe becuase she
Fears retaliation from well you know. . . . 😉 

While at the asylum Alice is on the verge of being released back to her family when she receives a mysterious missive (under her actual name instead of the cover she was admitted under) informing  her she would be receiving a visit the following day. Despite her reservations she is convinced by her doctor to meet with Abraham Van Brunt — and then Alice is swept along into another set of adventures! Someone is attacking the timelines of different literary worlds and destroying them. Its up to Alice and the other members of the Collectors’ Society to figure out who has it out for these people and to prevent future stories from being lost. 

I love all of the fantasy elements that make it into this story, its not quite steampunk but more like the perfect fusion of Steampunk mixed with classical literature with a dash of modern TV shows like Once Upon A Time or Grimm. It brings you in from the very first page it is fever paced all the way until the last page! This book made me stay up until 3am just because I had to know how it was gonna end (and okay read a couple chapters of book 2!)

This book also contains probably my favorite book quote that applies most to life (and one I would love a tattoo of someday!)  “Unfortunately, this is no story with an easily guessed-at plot we’re reading. We have no ability to flip to the last page in order to assure ourselves of certainty.”
And trust me when I say the last few pages of this book leave you with the certanity that you have just expierienced a moment of true magic contained in these pages. 


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