Review: The Forgotten Mountain (Collectors’ Society #3) By: Heather Lyons

Review: The Forgotten Mountain (Collectors’ Society #3) By: Heather Lyons

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After the shocking end to the Hidden Library we are immediately thrown into a Institute in chaos, Alice is on a mission to find out which timeline Finn and Victor are stranded in and how she can bring them home! She has co-op’d help from the other members of the Collectors’ Society as well. 

Discovering Gabriel Lygari is more than just a guy she met while having drinks with Mary previously in the series was one of the jaw dropping moments of book 2 and he is still immersed in the events of this book as well, even sending in a child he has charmed with his pipes (yes, the pied piper strikes again!) Into the institute to try and steal Alice’s crown! 

The majority of the  chapters of the story focus on Alice and Mary’s attempts to find any info they can on Gabriel and track down Sweeney Todd, Rosemary but we eventually get back into the dual POV format I enjoyed so much from book 2 around 60% in. This one was a little more fast paced than book 2 for me which I really liked. There was a urgency for all the characters that was palpable and lent a vibrancy to the story. Its gonna be interesting to see how Heather wraps this story up in book 4 and I am going to be so sad to have to say goodbye to these characters. 


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